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01 January 2011 @ 10:34 pm
Hello 2011!  
It's a start of a brand new year and I think I should write about all that has happened in 2010. (Yes I know this should have been done earlier but well, it doesn't make much of a difference.)

I shall start off with the most awesome class ever.

I shall say that I'm really grateful to all 37 guys. I swear I won't forget any of you guys a few years down the road. Thanks for always bringing different kinds of joy into my daily school life, people like Yokekee, Bingming & Nigel. You guys are the best jokers and I will miss you bringing colours into the dull lessons in 202. Of course people like Kenzi & Jasper have handled the class well and I'm more than grateful for that :-) 
Definitely, ZHLZH I'm gonna miss you alotalotalotalot ): You were like the person I could & can rely on the most... just like a pillar of strength! Hahaha. I could basically tell you everything under the sun. Thanks for always being such an awesome friend, I love you ♥. Also, I will miss going crazy with Dorothy... Jerlyn, Geraldine, Weiting & Changlyn etc. You girls have brought me wonderful memories that I won't forget :-) The mad laughters and arm-wrestlings. 
I shall not continue naming people.... All 37 of you, thanks for really existing. I will miss this class so much... so much. All the troubles we've got into together, all the fun we had together & of course getting scolded together due to stupid things, I will miss them alot :-)
I love you Twotwo. I believe that though we're in different classes now, we'll still stay as bonded as ever.

Loads happened within 2010. From ATC 2010 to me taking part in FDC Open House, and of course Annual Camp 2010. I believe that my squad bonded alot during ATC. And I'm really thankful for all the concerns I got from everyone cause my voice... broke LOL. Nah I was terribly sick during the camp, that's all. And also I met new friends and different kinds of people :-) Remember my group, the Blue Bunnies w/ Sir Brandon! Miss you guys and had an awesome time with you guys throughout the camp. Had an enjoyable time at the camp with my squad! :-)
FDC... no idea why was I selected but it was the first time I was taking part in this and I have no idea what I'm gonna expect. Trainings were pretty tough but I still survived. Learnt alot of things from all the trainings; bonded as a contingent (... I guess) & improved on attitude and stuffs. Was a good experience while it lasted. Still can remember the training w/ Ma'am Fiona, which was really awesome. Haha.
Attending Annual Camp as a Sec2 was a definitely different experience. Now that we're the.... seniors, we have to guide the younger ones. Missed out bonding sessions and grp meetings w/ Ulu Tribe due to FDC Trainings. But managed to remember their names really quickly :D I had a really fun group. First day was like last year, rope obstacles and all, pitching the tent etc. Passed by really quickly without knowing. Second day was definitely the highlight. Bused to Chinese Garden for Topo Map activity & hiked back to school. & the hike wasn't as tough as I expected it to be. Hahaha. Also had Campfire, and Nightwalk. Nightwalk freaked me out... oh wellz. Third day was washing up, debrief and all. Departing with group and home with the usuals. All in all, I did enjoy the camp :-) Thank you my awesome groupmates!
It was a fulfilling year in this CCA. Found myself changing here and there for the better, hopefully. Definitely, there's always room for improvements. Let's hope we strive together better as a squad :-)

2010 has been a really good year for me as a whole. It's a year that I'll never forget. I met many different people this year, met new friends and I have nothing but a word of thanks to say to them. To all the friends who have always been supporting me... Thanks alot. I really appreciate all that you have done. And last but not least, thank you 202'10 for creating the best memories for me this year. You guys would be the last people I would wanna bid farewell to...

As for 2011, I've came up with some New Year resolutions and I hope I can achieve them. :-)
  • Strive for better results
  • Always hand in homework on time & complete them
  • Pay attention in class during lessons
  • No more slacking
  • Cut down time spent on the computer 
  • Stay passionate for NP
  • Meet Jay Park 
  • Adapt well to 304
  • Stay in contact with 202 ♥
All in all... I just hope that 2011 would be a good year to me :-)
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